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Written by Motorstar NA   
Monday, 08 November 2010 12:18

The steel barrels of the M-14P cylinders are forged from steel. The genuine Russian steel alloy is 38Ch2MJuA. It is well known that the steel which is alloyed with aluminum is suitable for the nitride process.  The Russian steel has 1.1 per cent of aluminum on chemical composition.  

The equivalent steel on Europe is 41CrAlMo7. We found a supplier in Germany which has supplied to us the forger for cylinders barrels from this kind of steel. After the first stage of turning, the internal surface of the barrels has to be nitride. Before the nitride process all the surfaces except of the internal surface are cooper plated. In this way the internal surface only will be nitride. We prepared a batch of barrels which are shown in the next picture.




We are on this point with the new barrels because we have to negotiate the price of the nitride process. 

 After nitride process is machined the fins of the barrels like in the next picture.



The next step is the thread which allows to assembly the barrels with the cylinders heads.